[/post Rule and Reporting Guide] Using Non-English in /post

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[/post Rule and Reporting Guide] Using Non-English in /post

Mensagem por Admin em Dom Fev 26, 2017 8:11 pm

Hello everyone,

Please be advised that starting today Tuesday, September 22, 2015 the English language on /post only will take effect immediately. All users who uses NON-English language on /post will have their account banned. This simply means, if your account is banned you CANNOT log in to any of the AngelsMU servers. If you are banned you MUST wait until your ban expires (no exceptions).

This is a multicultural server as a lot of people are coming from different countries. For us to be able communicate effectively, everyone MUST speak in English in /post so we all can “some- what” understand what’s being said.

The purpose of the /post command are:

Market (Buy / Sell) = (/post “S> Legendary Anubis Gloves FO+mixed sockets = OFFER”)
Inquiring for party levels = (/post “Need party for level 350. PM ME”)
Requesting ANY assistance = (/post “Anyone can help me make DL horse? Please PM”).
Message = (/post “Any GM Online? Lightning ONLINE?)
Message = (/post “JmLighT quits in duel. Super NOOB)

All those examples I provided above are all in Basic English. I understand that we will encounter language barriers when you try to explain information to your country men and that’s when you STOP using /post and use personal message. However, you can announce your message to someone or anyone at any time but you HAVE to use ENGLISH.

If you want to use other languages then PM that person who you're talking to.

Keep in mind that:
You are NOT allowed to break the abusive language rules especially on /post.
You are NOT allowed to use NON-English language on /post.

Infraction of this rule will get your account suspended for 24hours and possible could be more than 24hours.

For the reporters,

If you are going to report a NON-English language on /post you MUST follow this guide. Failure to follow this simple guide will result your thread to be automatically closed or locked or either deleted without further notice.

Step 1: You saw a player in-game using non-English language on post. If this player post a non-English language then YOU as a reporter or anyone MUST give this person a warning.

Examples of Warnings:

Lightning, ONLY English in post or will post report on forum.
Lightning, Please USE English on /post

See image below:

Image Explanation:
As you can see I posted non English language on post. What Boner said on /post is considered as a warning.

Step2: If this person ignores you and if he / she posted non-English language again then give him his 2nd warning.

Example of Warnings:

Lightning, this is your 2nd warning. Use English on post.
Lightning, 2nd warning or will report.

See image below:


Image Explanation:
Again, I posted non-English language again and Boner said on post "2nd warning Lightning. I WILL REPORT".

Step3: If this person doesn’t listen and if he post even 1 post of non-English language then YOU MUST report this person immediately. DO NOT wait for the next day or another day.

Step4: When you make a report on forum. Make sure you create a thread for EACH person showing the above steps and screenshots. This is to ensure that this person is abusing our /post command system.

Your report must have the template below:

In Game Name of the abuser:
Upload all ORIGINAL screenshots to Photobucket and post ALL links on your thread:

For example:

IGN: Lightning
Reason: Using NON-English on post

1st Screen: Lightning posted non English on /post and Boner gave him a verbal info to use English on post.

2nd Screen: Lightning ignore Boner says and kept talking in other language.

3rd Screen: If I posted another non English language post after Boner gave me his 2nd and last warning then you MUST print screen and then make a report the report.


ALL screens MUST NOT be edited. MUST be the original.

ALL Screenshot MUST show "DATE" (When you press "Print Screen" on your keyboard it should show notification that your screenshot is completed. For Example, "Screen(10_13-17_29)-0000.jpg. [AngelsMux50]” – This information is very important so we can track when the screenshot was taken to avoid people from reporting the same screens in different layouts.

Mixed languages is not allowed on /post. It should be FULL English and not mixed language. (For example: Tagalog-English, Italian-English, Spanish-English, Russian-English and etc)

Just to be clear, if someone objects anyone by giving that person a warning then you better keep your comments to yourself or I will ban you without warnings. For example: In my first screen, Boner said to use English on post. If someone says "or what? Everyone uses their language." Try saying that or any other objections and I can assure you that I will definitely ban you.

This post can change at anytime. Make sure you frequently check this thread to avoid disappointments. This guide is not final yet. We will use this guide and see what will happen in the next few reports.

Remember, this is the most BASIC guide I ever put up. If you can't understand what's being said then you better read them again.



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