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Mensagem por Admin em Dom Fev 26, 2017 8:08 pm

Hello Folks,

For the past few weeks, I have been looking through our access logs history and it has been found that a lot of grey areas where a player’s account(s) could be in potential risk. If we go back further months ago there was a massive banning from all servers.

Why was there a massive banning? A group of my team investigated numerous accounts from logs through logs, social medias from another social medias and we found that a lot of accounts were being sold in real money.

In our servers, we made this clear that:

NOTE: All registered accounts; items and any of our server related information are all property of the server owner. If you are caught buying, selling and trading items for real money or trading it to another gaming servers outside our server(s) website(s), forum(s) and in-game it will result in being banned permanently. This simply means, if we find you selling our server(s) properties in any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, any gaming forum, or any buy, sell and trading website etc. your character(s) and account(s) will be banned permanently without notice.

When we started AngelsMU in the year 2013 there are numerous rules that was posted by me and there is one thread on the forum rule sections regarding buy and sell.

On this thread:

It stated: http://forum.angelsm...hp?showtopic=12

Note:Any suspicious accounts that were access by another user that is not consistent with the server I.P. and/or PC hardware information this could lead to a permanent ban because it's suspicious.

A lot of incidents regarding shared account(s), the staff in our servers doesn’t know if it was either a buy and/or sell account(s) or a friend or a family member gave it away so it was labeled as suspicious. Since it was considered as suspicious, the account(s) and the one who accessed the account will receive a full permanent banned.


1. Accounts that are inactive from the I.P addresses and the computer hardware that the account was registered to for more than 30 days and found to accessed by another user from another I.P. address and hardware PC will result to account permanent blocked.

2. Sharing accounts is prohibited in our servers. If you gave away your account to a friend or a family member because you no longer play in our server or whatever the reason maybe, this will be labeled as suspicious and the account as well the person who enter that accounts will be banned. Since it is labeled as suspicious, you must have bought that account with real money. Therefore, your personal account(s) and as well as the account that the user accessed to will be banned permanently.

3. If it’s a family member accessing a player(s) account from another location, that family member(s) I.P. address and/or PC hardware must show on the spreadsheet logs that the account was accessed 30 days after the account was registered from the registered I.P. and PC hardware. This means, if you or a family member did not login to your account 30 days from the time it was registered then it will count as suspicious activity and the account will be blocked without notice.


To fully secure your account from account sharing, we have disabled the option to change email address. If you have given away your account and found that someone has already changed the email address before we disabled that module then it is not our problem as you were told never to share your information to anyone including a family member. We will not provide any support to any users who are banned for sharing their account(s) to another user.

These rules can change at any time without prior notice.



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