Missing not received credits.

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Missing not received credits.

Mensagem por Admin em Dom Fev 26, 2017 8:15 pm

-Click MyAccount
-Click Missing Credits


Here is the tricky part: I expect you all to read this SLOWLY and CAREFULLY just to avoid confusions.

- After clicking "Missing Credits" you will see a list transactions that you donated.

First, find the amount you donated that you didn't receive your credits and then click "Start an Inquiry"

- After clicking "Start an Inquiry" there is a small box that will pop out.

In the first box, type your email and then in the second big box type your message explaining your issues.
NOTE: in the message box you only have 1000 letters to put so try be specific and direct to the point.

Once you are done just simply click "SEND".

After clicking send there should be a box that pop out and will look like this:

It is very important that you keep your "Inquiry number"; only because Paymentwall will need this inquiry number to access your account so they are able to see what's wrong with it.

Step 2:
I am certain that everyone knows how to send emails, right? Below is an email example to send to Paymentwall.

Email Paymentwall via email: Contact: paymentsupport@paymentwall.com or info@paymentwall.com via email

Contact: https://www.paymentw...com/en/contacts

It is very important, that you send them as many screenshot proofs as you can provide. In your email, you will have to provide them an inquiry number (the one you just created in the first step).


List of Possible Proofs:

1) Receipt Confirmation = MANDATORY
2) Bank Statements = OPTIONAL
3) Paymentwall Logs = MANDATORY (For BattleMu, use the logs in the Paymentwall Missing Credits"

Proofs - SMS Donation Receipt Confirmation

Proofs - Debit or Interact or Online Banking Donation Receipt Confirmation

Proofs - Credit Card Donation Receipt Confirmation

As long as you provide Paymentwall the necessary documents/proofs or a proper explanation in your email then they will be able to assist you easily with your issues.

You also have to be warned that it the more proofs you have the more it is sooner to be solved. The less proofs you have then the investigation could last for days. So I always suggest everyone to have the necessary proofs. This way, you will receive your credits right away without waiting for a long time.

NOTE: If you don't get a respond from Paymentwall after 3 business days (Monday to Friday) then you can email them again.

Enjoy and have fun playing!



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